Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Hello" - Adele (Queen Hazarika, Antareep Hazarika)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Queen and Antareep Hazarika's version of Adele's Hello released on YouTube

Queen Hazarika and musician Antareep Hazarika on January 31, 2016 released a music video covering Adele's famous number 'Hello'. The video is now live on YouTube.

Video at Gauhati Artists' Guild, Chandmari, Guwahati

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meet Singer-Actor QUEEN HAZARIKA | an article on G-Plus weekly

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2015 | By: G-Plus Feature
Queen Hazarika | G-Plus

Initially trained in Indian classical music by her aunt and grandfather, Queen developed a taste for soul music gradually and very recently her track, ‘Xaare Aasu’ (I am awake) gained huge success and popularity and received appreciation from across the world. It received around 25,000 likes in just 11 days on networking sites.

Interestingly, Queen is a third generation singer in her family and started listening to music when she was in her mother’s womb. The 38-year-old said, “My singing life started even before I was born because my parents wanted to have a singer in the family and my father used to play the gramophone near my mother’s womb while she was sleeping.” When she started speaking, she started with sa ra ga ma… Singing was always a part of her life and she first stepped up on the stage at the tender age of four and sang her first song on Jyoti Prasad Agarwala’s anniversary.

She then started singing for children’s plays in theatres. In 1996, she recorded her first album (Abhiman) with her uncle Raaj J Konwar who is a Bollywood singer now and has sung for the movie, Ragini MMS and also received many awards. This was the proper professional beginning for Queen as a singer.

After that she finished her first solo album ‘Sobi’, which is also available on Then she delivered her first playback for the film ‘Mon’ along Zubin Garg, which was one of the toughest songs she ever sung. Many singers were not able to sing this song but Queen was able to do it which gained her huge appreciation. After this there was no stopping her. After ‘Mon’, she also sang for ‘Suren Suror Putek’ and ‘Sneh Bandhan’.

Hazarika was born in Lakhimpur to Raj Hazarika and Usha Gogoi Hazarika. She studied at St. Mary’s High School in North-Lakhimpur and later graduated from Handique Girl’s College, Guwahati. Queen has acted in films like ‘Surjasta’,’ Avataran’ (yet to be released which is also the first 3D film), ‘Akasmat-Out of The Blue’ and ‘Stage 3 Fighting’ (English film directed by Kenny Basumatary).

Taking a sabbatical from singing because of marriage and children, she had also worked in the corporate sector for around nine years working with ICICI, Reliance and Vodafone India. She left Vodafone in 2014 and with extreme support from her family to pursue her passion, she is now totally into singing and is lined up with many projects.

On 1st May she released ‘Xaare Aasu’ which is a huge hit. With the desire of always singing something different, she is extremely excited about one of her future projects, which is a fusion of Assamese and Carnatic music. According to her, the music industry here has gone into a rut and there is no creativity. She feels she has something new to do in all her ventures. According to her, Guwahati has changed to a great extent and she likes the new generation as she believes that the new lot is much focused.

At the same time, however, she dislikes many things about the city, mostly, the changing value system. With many planned projects in the future, she dreams of working with David Foster and Illayaraja. She has two sons, Mahin and Caillou and the younger one has already started writing songs at the age of six. Mahin, who is nine years old, wants to become a magician.

New music video Xaare Aasu featuring Queen Hazarika now on Youtube

Xaare Aasu is an Assamese song composed by Jim Ankan Deka and sung by Queen Hazarika. It is the first of ChaiTunes series of music videos. Powered by Music Malt, the song is based on poems by Assamese writer duo Prof. Bhabananda Deka and Nalini Prava Deka.


Composer - Jim Ankan Deka
Singer - Queen Hazarika
Video - Parmita Borah
Lyrics - Jim Ankan Deka (based on poems by Prof. Bhabananda Deka and Nalini Prava Deka)
Guitar - Jim Ankan Deka, Pratik Nalawade
Bass - Harish Marappa
Drums - Shreyas Akarshan
Actors - Suhit Kumar, Divya Nambiar
Producer - Jim Ankan Deka, Parmita Borah
Floor Manager - Vinod M Singh
Sound Engineer - Jim Ankan Deka, Anil CJ
Photographer - Deepak Vijaykumar
Producer - Parmita Borah, Jim Ankan Deka
Recorded at - Madcat Studio, Eastern Fare Studio
Edited and Mastered at - Eastern Fare Studio, Bangalore
Stot At - Innerspace Studios, Bangalore
Video Editing Studio - Eastern Fare Studio, Bangalore
Production House - Eastern Fare, Bangalore
Powered by - Music Malt, Bangalore


ChaiTunes is a concept where music is brewed and stories are told over cups of tea. It is an experiment where musicians from different parts of India come together to create a musical experience. ChaiTunes music videos are produced by Eastern Fare Productions and powered by Music Malt.


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Monday, May 11, 2015

Singing to glory | an article about Xaare Aasu on Eastern Chronicle

Singing to glory | Eastern Chronicle
SUCCESS is defined differently by different individuals. Whether it's personal or professional one certainly looks for better opportunities in life. Being engaged in life's hullabaloo one certainly hopes to relish the taste of success.

In another good piece of news for music lovers, one of the most talented singers Queen Hazarika's recent track Xaare Aasu gained huge popularity across the world. In a candid conversation with Buzz the singer says, "I am grateful and overwhelmed. Although we expected it to be a hit, but never thought it would happen overnight," adding that espying Xaare Aasu getting 6000 hits on Youtube on the day of its release was utter surprising. The song is gaining popularity outside Assam as well as abroad.

"The first response I received was from a poet in US, Mardee Agen. People in UK, Slovenia, South Africa and Thailand have listened and shared with their followers," says Queen. As of now the song has been shared over 1000 times in the social media while the numbers are still counting. "It is heart-warming to see that even regional language music is accepted wholeheartedly in the global arena," adds Queen.

Eliciting about her experience she says, "Working outside Assam has always been wonderful. People are professional and unnecessary gossiping is never a part of their discussions". Throwing more light on her recent hit Xaare Aasu Queen says, "I recorded the song in two different studios of Bengaluru, namely Madcat Studios and Eastern Fare, under the aegis of Anil CJ who is a Kannada movie producer and Jim Ankan Deka, the director of Eastern Fare Foundation," adding that the video was directed by Parmita Borah and she was the one who conceptualised the story.

"It was a privilege working with musicians from different parts of the country including the likes of Pratik Nalawade from Mumbai, Harish Marappa and Shreyas Akarshan from Bengaluru, and musician Jim Ankan Deka who hails from Assam and currently based in Bengaluru", adds Queen.

Speaking about the concept of the song she says, "It happened on an impulse. A thought struck my mind one fine day and thus the idea was put to reality in the form of Xaare Aasu," adding that after working with Jim in 'Aawaz-speak up against sexual violence', he was always Queen's first choice for Xaare Aasu as the composer and arranger. It may be mentioned here that 'Aawaz-speak up against sexual violence' is a 2012 multi award winning song.

Sharing her future plans Queen informs that recently she came in touch with Suchethan Rangaswamy who is a well-known playback and Camatic classical singer from Karnataka, with whom she is planning on a fusion album. "This would supposedly be the first of its kind in Assam," says Hazarika further informing that she also has plans to try her luck in bollywood.

She sums up speaking her heart out about her dream, "It is my dream to work with two of the musicians I have always adored, David Foster, the Canadian musician and record producer and Illayaraja, one of the finest music composers in India and a living legend."

Monday, May 4, 2015

Okosmat - out of the blue | short film

Watch the film on YouTube

Making of 'অকস্মাৎ / Out of the Blue' (2015) : Part 1 - The Music
Musical Making of the Theme Song - অকস্মাৎ / Out of the Blue (2015)Featuring Singer Queen Hazarika and Musician Himjyoti Borah. Hosted by Tarunabh Dutta Camera : Parth Deuri, Navanit Nilabh
Posted by TD Studio - Independent filmmaking and story-telling on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Making of 'অকস্মাৎ / Out of the Blue' (2015) : Part 1 - The Music

Musical Making of the Theme Song - 'অকস্মাৎ / Out of the Blue' (2015)
Featuring Singer Queen Hazarika & Musician Himjyoti Borah.
Hosted by Tarunabh Dutta
Camera : Parth Deuri, Navanit Nilabh

Queen Hazarika with her son Caillou and Tarunabh Dutta

Monday, April 20, 2015

Moments from Rongali Bihu celebrations in Mumbai

Queen Hazarika at a bihu function in Mumbai (2015)

Queen Hazarika performing at Rongali Bihu celebrations in Mumbai (2015)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Surjyasta - an Assamese film

Assamese film 'Surjyasta' was released on May 3, 2013. Before hitting the theatres, this new movie
generated a lot of buzz among fans, film enthusiasts and critics. The film’s refreshing, universal story line transcends beyond Assam and India. It’s imperative to embrace new genres of cinema. ’Surjyasta’ is a kind of movie that will make one think much more than the run–of–the–mill fares that usually turns out at the theatres. It not only entertains but also holds a deep meaning which can in turn affect or even change lives. It has the potential to create quite an impact at the international level.

Today’s human being has become more ambitious and materialistic than ever. People are crazy for money and success in all endeavors of life. Relations are now a secondary thing for them. Parents are not having time for their kids. Children are left unsupervised, and unattended. Based on a very relevant subject, ’Surjyasta’ makes for an interesting case study of ambitious parents, hardly having any time for their only child, a daughter, thereby depriving her of their much needed love and care. Both are busy in looking after their own benefits. While the husband is busy in earning money for better life, the wife is after personal milestone and glory, all at the expense of caring for and giving attention to their child. The movie, which makes one empathize with the unfortunate child, is scripted by Chandan Sarma from a story written by noted journalist Jitumani Bora. The movie produced by Rosy Bora under the banner of RB Production has caught the imagination of the public as well as the media in a big way. The movie was released in some forty theatres all over through the UFO.

Surjyasta’s director Prodyut Kumar Deka had already impressed everyone with his previous ventures ’Dhunia Tirutabur’ and ’Samiran Barua Ahi Ase’. He is one of those very few directors who carry a level of expectation and ’Surjyasta’ has most definitely set a new standard in story–telling and treatment.

The film’s theme song written by Jitumani Bora is rendered by Meghalaya’s renowned artist Lou Majaw. The opening words in the song ’’Parents are the key to a peaceful tomorrow’’ holds true in the context of the movie. The song really touches the heart. The background music scored by musician Kishore Giri, who has also composed the theme song, is one of the movie’s highlights. The leading artistes were quite effortless in flexing their dramatic muscles in this hard hitting drama dealing with a very topical issue. The much under–rated actor Mridul Chutia brings out the best in himself and his film through focussed histrionics. The movie could well be a turning point in his acting career. Tapan Das gives a restrained and natural performance. Angurlata plays her role with conviction and she certainly delivers the goods. Child artiste Rodali Bora’s performance as the much neglected child was very touching and vulnerable. It’s a pity that ’Surjyasta’ which dealt with a very relevant subject and had such quality treatment and top–level performances by the cast of artistes should be overlooked at the State Film Awards.

The film’s various artistes are Tapan Das, Mridul Chutia, Angoorlata, Debojit Mazumdar, Kulada Kumar Bhattacharjya, Himangshu Das, Queen Hazarika, Pranjit Das, Dr. Sailen Kumar Das, Pankaj Barua, Surajit Barua, Dr. Akashitora, Mrinal Das, Juwan Dutta, Sitarani Hazarika, Nekibur Zaman, Hiren Sarma, Banajyotsna, Utpal Dutta, Augusty Phukan, Rita Bora, Debashish Goswami, etc. The movie is cinematographed with the Canon 5–D camera by Suraj Duarah. The film’s chief assistant director is Uday Bhaskar. Make–up by Babi Chakravorty, assistant Kusha Rabha. Costume by Rosy Bora. Still–photography by Pallab Mahanta.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mon Pakhi Hoye Ure Jabe - a Bengali song by Queen Hazarika and Zubeen Garg

Mon Pakhi Hoye Ure Jabe is the Bengali version of the Assamese song Abhilashi Mon from the film Mon directed by Bani Das. The song is composed and music directed by Manash Hazarika. 'Mon Pakhi Hoye Ure Jabe' is lip synchronised by Assamese actors Nishita Goswami and Rabi Sharma.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abhilashi Mone - Queen Hazarika and Zubeen Garg

Queen and Zubeen Garg
'Abhilashi Mone' is an Assamese song by Queen Hazarika and Zubeen Garg from the film 'Mon' directed by Bani Das. It is Queen's first playback number. The song is composed and music directed by Manash Hazarika. 'Abhilashi Mone' is lip synchronised by Nishita Goswami who also won Moonlight Media Award-2002, Jyoti Rupa Award-2002 and Prag Cine Award-2002 in the Best Debut Actress category for the same film. Queen feels 'Abhilashi Mone' is the toughest song she has recorded till date.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Aawaz - speak up against sexual violence

The song 'Aawaz - speak up against sexual violence' aims to sensitize people of various social evils like sexual violence, child abuse and marital rape. The core idea behind the song is to encourage people to speak up and not hush up matters like this. Aawaz also aims to remind people of the horrific 'Delhi Gang Rape incident' and the fact that the nation waits in anticipation, along with the family of the unfortunate young woman for justice. Aawaz strives to retain the same public outcry so that the law enforcers can be pressurized to deliver justice and punish the guilty.


Ritwika Bhattacharya, Antara Nandy, Queen Hazarika
Composed & Produced by: Jim Ankan Deka
Music Video Director: Parmita Borah
Language: Hindi & Assamese
Lyrics: Jim Ankan, Ritwika Bhattacharya & Parmita Borah
Vocals: Ritwika Bhattacharya, Queen Hazarika & Antara Nandy
Lead Guitar: Jim Ankan Deka
Drums: Vicky Mahanta
Bass: Pankaj Rajkhowa
Rhythm Guitar: Pratik Nalawade
Actors: Antara Baruah, Rachel Rose Oommen & Parmita
Camera: Shasanka Gogoi, Anoop Guha, Vikramjit Kakati & Monibha Mitra
Production Assitants: Pruthvi R Akarsh, Priyanka Mahanta, Partha Protim Gogoi & Atlanta Talukdar
Graphic Artist: Ullas Hydoor, Mohd Siraj Mahagavin
Recorded by: Anil CJ, Abhijit Barman, Jim Ankan
Recorded at: Madcat Music Studio (Bangalore), Sargam Audiocraft (Assam) & Eastern Fare Studio (Bangalore)
Mixed & Mastered by Jim Ankan at Eastern Fare Productions, Bangalore
Video Editing Studio: Eastern Fare Music Foundation, Bangalore.

Special Thanks To: Aquin Dutta, Jasmine Nongrum, Papori Bhuyan, Ayushman Baruah, Harish Marappa, Vinod Singh, Naomi Oommen, Rahul, Jaiji Oommen, Jui Nandy, Animesh Nandy, Siddharth Tanti, Biju Dt, Nalini Prava Deka & Ankur Deka.

Shooting Locations: Eastern Fare Studio, Centerstage (Bangalore), Bangalore, Assam, and Kolkata,

Radio Partner: Radio Flote (
Digital Distribution Partner: IndiEarth (
Presented and Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation (


● Best Music Video - 2nd Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival, 2013.
● Best Music Video - Hollywood Shorts Reel, 2014.
● Best Music Award & Best Music Video - Noida International Film Festival, 2014.
● Bronze Medal - Global Music Awards, 2014.


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